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  • When will I be able to receive playing schedules
    Playing schedules / formats for Saturday 3rd August will be given out, either during registration Friday evening or early Saturday morning, before the briefing. Sunday will be before a short briefing.
  • How do I enter
    By clicking on the link on the top menu bar.
  • How much does it cost
    Adult Competition: £120 (6-8 people. Price includes: Entry Fee, Camping, Parking and Disco) Junior Competition: £80 (one day event). Price includes: Entry Fee, Camping. Pairs Competition: £10 (being played from 13:00hrs on Friday 2nd August)
  • What happens if I have trouble entering or paying
    If you have trouble entering via the website or transferring the funds direct to the Salisbury Volleyball Club's bank account, please contact: or John Bird on 07875 700505.
  • Can juniors play in the adult competition
    Yes. If the adult team manager / organiser deems the junior is competent and strong enough to play in the adult league, then they may do so. They must also be over 14 years of age.
  • Can a junior boy be classed as a female player in the adult and pairs mixed competitions
    No, not this year (2024)
  • To play, how old do I need to be (if a parent or guardian attends)
    We will be hosting a one day Junior Competition. Please check out the 'Junior Competition' or 'FAQ' pages for more details. If your son or daughter is playing for an adult team in the main competition, then they will have to be 14+
  • To play, how old do I need to be (if a parent or guardian is not in attendance)
  • Is there a club Welfare & Safeguarding Officer
    If you would like to talk to the Salisbury Volleyball Club's Welfare and Safeguarding Officer, please contact Karen Locke on 07751 880782.
  • Are children allowed in the disco
    Yes, as long as they are supervised by their own dedicated parent or guardian. An adult from another club, cannot be responsible for Juniors.
  • Can juniors camp overnight
    Yes, as long as they are supervised by a minimum of one parent or guardian, from the club or team in which they entered, at all times (for the duration of their stay). No parent or guardian = no stay.
  • When can I/we camp from
    From 12noon onwards on Friday 2nd August. The tournament organisers will guide you to the car park and camping area(s). ** Please note, if the weather is bone dry, we have permission to park next to our tents, otherwise you will be asked to park in the main carpark and unload your camping equipment there **
  • Can you bring Glass / Glass Bottles
    The tournament is being held on a school sports field, so we are asking everyone who is bringing their own alcohol to make sure they are either in cans or plastic bottles only. Plastic or china receptacles are to be used too.
  • Are animals allowed on site
    No. All pets are banned from the site, due to the schools policy. Please leave them at home or put them in kennels.
  • Can we take photographs
    Yes, but please be aware of the following: You must register yourself at the tournament office, prior to taking any photos. We have juniors present, visiting and playing volleyball. Anyone found taking unlawful photos of juniors, will be questioned, the police summoned and will then be removed from site. We have numerous welfare officers in attendance, so if you have any concerns or questions, please do not hesitate to contact a member of the tournament staff or John Bird in the first instance on 07875 700505.
  • Can I BBQ
    Yes, in the camping area only but the BBQs MUST be high off the ground. PLEASE NOTE: NO COAL OR WOOD ASH IS TO BE DUMPED ONTO THE GRASS. Please use the metal bins provided by the tournament committee, dotted around the camping area.
  • Is there food and drink available
    Yes, there will be food and soft / alcoholic drinks on site. Bar, Catering Van, Coffee Van & Ice Cream Van' are available. Please note: - Food is not included in the entry fee. Food is to be purchased by the individual. - Any / all onsite catering companies will try and cater for all dietary requirements, but this cannot be guaranteed (especially by the Tournament Organisers). Any / all of the catering facilities is / are run as separate entities, so no direct responsibility of the Salisbury Volleyball Tournament Organisers.
  • Is there a quiet camping area
    Yes, there is a dedicated 'Quiet Zone'. If you wish to have a quieter nights sleep, please make yourself known to the tournament receptionist(s) and they will guide you to the right area.
  • Can you bring Campervans, Motorhomes and Caravans
    Yes, there are multiple flat services / hard standings around the site. There are no direct water, electrical hook up or gas facilities for Caravans, Motorhomes and / or Campervans. You will need to be self sufficient.
  • Is there Electrical Hook Up for camping
    No. You will be camping on an open sports field. See note above for more detail.
  • Can visitors attend
    Yes, absolutely. Please make yourself known to the tournament office (gazebo), so you can obtain a wristband. All under 18's must be accompanied by an adult, parent or guardian at all times. No charge for visitors, as long as they do not play.
  • Will there be Security on site
    The Salisbury Volleyball Club will be looking after the Security on site. - All tournament organisers will have hand held radio's. - Patrols will be carried out in the car parking and camping areas. - Entrances are monitored throughout the tournament and will be closed at Midnight. - Wristbands will be worn by all players, spectators, visitors and Salisbury Volleyball Staff. Notes: a. Please lock away all of your valuables or have them in your possession at all times. The Salisbury Volleyball Club are not responsible for loss or damage, etc to your belongings. b. I would like all registered team players and their guests to challenge anyone not wearing a tournament wristband. If you do not know them, please alert the tournament staff immediately.
  • Is there anywhere to dry my hair
    Yes, our new venue has a mirror and a double socket in each main / large changing room, for drying your hair. ** Hair dryers will not be provided, please bring your own **
  • Shower Facilities
    There are 16 showers available between men's, ladies, and disabled rooms. There are also plenty of hand basins available. Please be mindful and respectful of minors / juniors on site, that may wish to use the showers.
  • Is there a Cancellation Policy
    Yes. The Cancellation Policy has been updated ( click here )
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