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  • Standard: All
  • Please only enter if you can start at 12noon Friday 2nd August 2024.
  • There will be three pools in each division (Men's, Ladies & Mixed), with a maximum of 5 teams per pool, so you get 4 matches in your pool.

  • Limited to x15 teams per division, so enter quickly.
  • The Men’s Division must only consist of two men on court at all times.
  • You are only allowed to register/play for ‘one’ team throughout the competition.
  • This is an open competition, so all levels will be played against each other (no segregation).
  • This competition will be based on a league format.
  • You are to assist with refereeing duties, when required to do so, as per the schedule.
  • You will be informed of the rules and formats prior to; or at the briefing.

2's Men's Division

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